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Pirates of the Caribbean $4.00
Haunted Mansion $4.00
Elfs $7.00 Includes Cut File and Clip Art
Tiny Deer $9.00
Includes Easy Print and Cuts
Candy Cane Teddy $2.00
Karate Bear $2.00
Scottish Fold $2.00
Ghosts $4.00
Little Devil $2.00
Little Vampire $2.00
Little Frank $2.00
Little Dino $2.00
Little Devil $2.00
Disney Pumpkin $2.00
Cow Girl $2.00

Seals $2.00
Flaky Friends $4.50

Making Friends $3.00
Little Kiddos on 
Splash Mountain $5.00
Little Kiddos on
Space Mountain $4.50

Little Kiddos 
Soaring over California

Kody Kiddo Tractor Fun $4.50

Kody  and Kassidi Kiddo
 It's All About The Ears $9.00

Kassidi Kiddo 
Dumbo Ride $4.50 

Kody Kiddo
 Dumbo Ride $4.50

Kasey Kiddo 
Cancer Kid $4.50

Cup Full of Kiddos 

Kate Kiddo 
Cancer Kid $4.50

Kate N Kassy 
Cancer Kids
Pooh Ride $4.50

Kody N Kassidi Kiddo 
Racers $4.50

 Mixed Up Santa

Rudolph $2.00

 Simple Santa $2.00
Elk $2.00

Moose $2.00

Fawn $2.00

Chipmunk $2.00

8 Brown Bear $2.00
8 Deer $2.00

8 Buck $2.00

8 Raccoon $2.00
8 Chipmunk $2.00
8 Bear Cub $2.00
8 Squirrel $2.00
Mini Mouse $2.00

8 Deer Mouse $2.00

8 Owl $2.00

Shep $2.00

Kitty Mix N Match $5.99
Puppy Love Mix N Match $5.99 with Printable titles

Pup N Kitty $2.00

     Wash Day $4.00
This adorable design is by: The Paper Nest Dolls

Froggy $2.00

Turtle $2.00

Snail $2.00

TrumpPhant $2.00

Bestie #1 $4.00
Sherri Baldy Designs

Bestie #2 $4.00
Sherri Baldy Designs

Kissing Monkeys $2.00

Thumper $2.00

Little Pig $2.00

Little Miss Mouse $2.00

Mom n Pups $2.00

Raccoon N Boot $2.00

Pup N Butterfly $2.00

Piggy $2.00

A Puppy Tail $2.00

Pouty Panda $2.00

Treed Panda $2.00

Bear Ballet $2.00
10 Justin BeeBear $2.00

10 Precious N Pudgy
Lion $2.00

10 Precious N Pudgy
Giraffe $2.00

Farm Girl 9 $2.00

Walking Dead Three $9.50

Ted $2.00

Pup $2.00

Duck Dynasty $7.00

Chunk $2.00

         Walking Dead Two $10.50

Dragon $2.00


Snow White $2.00

Cinderella $2.00

Bell $2.00

Castle (Clip Art Onlly) $2.00

My Pet Chick $2.50 
(Two pattens in one file)

Book Worm $2.00

Walking Dead Set Includes digital 12x12 background $9.50

Walking Dead Zombie $2.00

A Little Buzzed includes printable title for buzzed or just being sick $5.50


Tina and Teddy $2.00

Toadally Cool $2.00

Chicky $2.00

Bearly Bathin $2.00

Bubble Baby $2.00

Pretty Kitty $2.00

Tattered Teddy $2.00

Simple Version Teddy $2.00

Digi Stamp Teddy $2.50

Digi Stamp Simple Teddy $2.50

Mom Taxi $2.00

Digi Stamp Mom Taxi $2.50

Drunk As A... $2.00

Eggstra Special $2.00

Digi Stamp Eggstra Special $2.50

Catcher $2.00

Digi Stamp Catcher $2.50

 Baby (Boy or Girl) $2.00

Barrel Cowboy $2.00

Digi Stamp Barrel Cowboy $2.50

Digi Stamp Cup L Cuties $2.50

Baby $2.00

Lamby $2.00

Cheddar $2.00

Little Buddy $2.00

Sweet Dreams $2.00

Digi Stamp Buzzy Bees $2.50

Includes printable titles

Elly $2.00

Monkey Business $4.00

Big Butts $2.50

Just Ducky $2.00

Digi Stamp Baby Girl $2.50

TD Bear $2.00

Keytra $2.00

This Much $2.00

Jimmy Giraffe $2.00

Cup L Cuties $2.00

Easter Mom $2.00

Home Run $2.00

$2.00         $2.00       $2.00       $2.00
      $2.00      $2.00       $2.00      $2.00

     $2.00     $2.00    $2.00       $2.00

     $2.50           $2.00   $2.00   $2.00

Pattern Sets
       $19.99                                             $19.99 

$19.99                                                           $19.99 

 $19.99                                             $19.99 

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